Monday, April 4, 2011

American Flag Cupcakes

These are easy to make!

If you ever need to make American Flag cupcakes, this is the way to make them! I got the idea from my Hello, Cupcake! book but I also used some of my own ideas.
In high school, we had a fake Inaugural Ball that was pretty much just a school dance, and I volunteered to make this for the event. They were gone within minutes! and pretty easy to make.

After making 48 cupcakes in white wrappers and letting them cool, and colored my icing red, blue and white. I started with the blue cupcakes, and after icing one I used mini marshmallows and/or white M&Ms to make a design (to replicate the 50 stars). I did this for 12 cupcakes, and varied my design each time.

Then I moved onto the 16 red cupcakes. For these, I used Twizzlers that I cut up, red Mike & Ike's, Swedish Fish, Red Jujube's, red M&M's and red star-shaped sprinkles.

For the 20 white cupcakes, I just iced them with white icing. You can also add white decorating sugar to make them stand out.

When I was done decorating each cupcake, I just had to organize them to look like an American Flag. and then it was done! To make them yourself, you can vary it however you want. Use whatever red and white candies you can find, and color the icing whatever shades of red and blue that you want! Just remember that laying 48 cupcakes out on a flat surface can take up a lot of room, so make sure you find somewhere that you can keep them or carry them when you're done! I used a sheet cake box from Michael's and it working out perfectly. Good luck!

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