Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Decorative Sugar & Sprinkles

In the midst of trying to make the most crazily decorated cupcakes I can manage, I sometimes forget how pretty a simple cupcake with piped icing and decorative sugar can be. 

I made this cupcakes for my friend's birthdays (Happy (belated) Birthday Liz & Karen!) and they were really easy to decorate.

I started by making 24 cupcakes in cute hot pink/white/light pink striped cupcake wrappers I purchased at Sur La Table a while ago. Then, using white icing, I spooned it into a icing decorating bag, and decided to cut off the tip of the bag without using an actual decorating tip. From there, I piped the icing on each cupcake, starting from the outside and working my way to the middle. 

Before the icing had a chance to harden, I used my different decorative sugars and simply sprinkled the sugar over each cupcake. It makes a mess, but it's easy to clean.

For these cupcakes, I used pink, white, purple, multicolored, pink/orange/yellow, blue/green/purple and light green decorative sugar. I also used light green sugar pearls on a few of the cupcakes.

Overall, these cupcakes were delicious and looked great, and did not take that much effort. Next time you want to make cupcakes that make a statement, you don't always have to get out your Hello, Cupcake! book. Sometimes, cupcakes can be just as impressive when they're decorated with just some icing, sugar & sprinkles. 

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